In search of sexual identity

Against the backdrop of biological, social and psychological uncertainties during puberty, the search for sexual identity also begins for adolescents during this time, which does not have to end after puberty but can last a lifetime. Whether it's love relationships, coming to terms with same-sex orientations, or the uncertainties surrounding their first sexual experiences, adolescents experience many "firsts" during this time.

Lovemaps shape early

The structure of individual sexual desire is shaped from early childhood. Sexuality in the early childhood developmental phase is merely not yet fixed to what we adults understand by sexuality, namely "genital" sexuality. The child's experience of attachments, relationships, body and needs is condensed into so-called "intrapsychic scripts", in the context of sexuality we speak of "lovemaps". These only become sexualized from puberty onwards, i.e. effective in the context of partnership, sexual intercourse and demands on relationship and sexual partners. They are updated and rewritten through new physical-sexual and emotional experiences.

Talking - but with whom?

The personal conversation is still an important source for sexual education. Mothers and friends, but also teachers, are the main interlocutors. However, sensitive issues are rarely addressed by adults, and young people rarely bring them up on their own. It therefore seems almost inevitable that sexualized content in the media, especially on the Internet and on television, plays an important supplementary information role for young people.