klicksafe award 2021klicksafe award 2021 - Strong against prejudice: Winning formats have been determined

Expert jury honors SWR report series "Naber? Was geht!" - "PublikumsLike" goes to the Riccardo Simonetti Initiative after online voting

The SWR report series "Naber? Was geht!" receives the klicksafe award 2021 - Strong against prejudice. With its empowering and inspiring stories about young women with Turkish and Kurdish roots, the project particularly convinced the jury of media experts. The public online vote for the "PublikumsLike" was won by the Riccardo Simonetti Initiative. The initiative aims to raise awareness and give visibility to marginalized groups of people.

Düsseldorf/Ludwigshafen, August 10, 2021 - The EU initiative klicksafe is honoring media engagement against prejudice as part of the annual theme "Disinformation": It is awarding the klicksafe prize 2021 to two online offerings that debunk stereotypes and enemy images through education using facts and personal perspectives of those affected. This year, the established prize of the expert jury will again be supplemented by the "PublikumsLike". This is the 15th award of the klicksafe prize and the second for which public voting was possible.

Winner format of the klicksafe award 2021, award category expert jury: Naber? What works!

The klicksafe award 2021 of the expert jury goes to SWR and its social media project "Naber? What works! - Your way, your story".

The reportage series tells the biographies of young women with Turkish and Kurdish immigration stories in ten-minute YouTube portraits and on an associated Instagram channel, thus creating a surface for identification.

This year, the independent jury of experts consisted of:

  • Saba-Nur Cheema, head of pedagogical education at the Anne Frank Educational Center.
  • Jonathan Focke, deputy head of Quarks Digital
  • Nadine Eikenbusch, media educator and speaker at klicksafe

Winning project of the klicksafe award 2021, award class AudienceLike: Riccardo Simonetti Initiative

The "PublikumsLike" as part of the klicksafe Award 2021 goes to the team of the Riccardo Simonetti Initiative.

The initiative, founded in January 2021, wants to create a place where everyone feels understood, heard and taken seriously. To this end, it does educational work on Instagram and in the analog world, conveys information, raises awareness and creates visibility for marginalized and disadvantaged groups of people.

The "PublikumsLike" was first offered in 2020 and has now been awarded for the second time. Votes for the award have been cast on the klicksafe website since July 20, 2021.

In addition to the winning projects, both award categories were also nominated:

  • What you don't see: Since 2020, the Instagram account has made structural everyday racism in Germany visible and given those affected a platform. At the same time, all users are encouraged to reflect on their own - possibly unconsciously racist - behavior.
  • The best instance: In response to the WDR program "Die letzte Instanz," in which an all-white panel discussed racism, among other things, comedienne Enissa Amani produced her own YouTube show in which she talks to experts on the topics of racism, antiziganism and anti-Semitism.
  • Datteltäter: Fighting stereotypes with humor is the goal of the self-proclaimed "Satire Caliphate" on funk. On YouTube and in the social networks, the creators take aim at cultural clichés and deal with the German-Muslim self-image.

Dr. Tobias Schmid, Director of the Landesanstalt für Medien NRW:
"The world is complex, but thinking in terms of prejudices is too simplistic. Offerings that take the time to clear them up, provide education and increase visibility are therefore actually worthy of an award per se. I'm delighted that this year we've been able to win the klicksafe award for "Naber? What's up!" and the Riccardo Simonetti Initiative award and congratulate you warmly."

For more information on the klicksafe prize 2021, the five nominated offers and this year's jury, please:

  • on the klicksafe channels on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, each under the username @klicksafe
  • there under the hashtags #klicksafepreis2021#publikumslike2021#StarkGegenVorurteile
  • on the website of the klicksafe prize 2021 at: www.klicksafe.de/klicksafepreis

About the klicksafe award

The klicksafe prize has been awarded since 2006. It honors creative formats that promote fair and respectful online behavior, digital rights, equal participation and self-determination, and education against abuse and disinformation. The decision is made by an independent jury of experts; since 2020, the "PublicLike" has also been awarded, which can be voted for online.

The nominees are digital contributions, measures, projects and initiatives that encourage social engagement, achieve a high reach, are easily accessible to users and designed to suit the target group, can also be dealt with in schools or other educational institutions, and do not pursue any commercial interests.

With a view to current social developments, an annually changing thematic focus is also set. The klicksafe prize 2021 will be awarded under the motto "Strong against prejudice".

About klicksafe

klicksafe promotes people's online competence and supports competent and critical use of the Internet through a wide range of offerings. The EU initiative is politically and economically independent and is implemented in Germany by the media institutions in Rhineland-Palatinate (coordinator) and in North Rhine-Westphalia.

On the website www.klicksafe.de , users can find a wide range of up-to-date information, practical tips and teaching materials on digital services and topics. The target groups are teachers, educators, parents, children, young people and multipliers.

klicksafe is the national, German awareness center and is funded by the CEF Telecom program of the European Union. Since 2008, klicksafe has also coordinated the Safer Internet Centre DE, which includes the Internet hotlines of ecoFSM and jugendschutz.net as well as the helpline Nummer gegen Kummer .



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