Is my child fit to have his or her own smartphone?


DIN A4 1 Page

Revised Edition:

Published by: klicksafe

Target Group: Parents


With our checklist, we would like to help you with the decision "Smartphone - yes or no?". Before your child gets their own device, you should have practiced together on a family smartphone or on your own smartphone. In the checklist, tick what your child can already do when using it. The more points you tick, the sooner your child is ready for their own smartphone. We recommend that you discuss the outstanding points in detail with your child.

Remember: As soon as your child has their own smartphone, you must set it to be childproof. Continue to closely supervise your child's smartphone use and stay in regular contact with them. regular exchange about online experiences. Keep up to date with new apps or changes to services that your child is already using. You are welcome to subscribe to the monthly klicksafe newsletter monthly newsletter.