My first Internet ABC - activity book for children

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Published by: Internet ABC

Target Groups: Educators Parents

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Many children come into contact with screen media at an early age. For this reason, the Internet-ABC has created teaching materials for children who are not or only slightly literate (suitable for 1st and 2nd grade).

With hidden pictures, simple handicrafts and work assignments, the hands-on booklet offers plenty of scope for creative discussion of children's own media use and topics such as data protection, advertising and privacy.

The worksheets are designed so that children can complete them in about 10 to 20 minutes.

In addition, the activity booklet can be combined well with offers for parents and families. In some places there are references to joint parent-child activities.

If possible, the accompanying booklet for teachers should be consulted when working with the activity booklet in the classroom. Teachers will find detailed information there on how to work on the tasks and on the media-pedagogical objectives.

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