What to do about cyberbullying - poster in simple language


DIN A2 1 Page


Published by: klicksafe

Target Groups: Educators Parents Teenagers

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The poster "What to do about cyberbullying" provides people with disabilities with tips on how those affected by cyberbullying can behave. They are written in simple language.

The poster was created based on the Cyberbullying Easy Help app. The content of the app was developed by and for people with disabilities. It is accessible and easy to understand.

The idea for the app arose from the experiences of the specialist advice center for violence prevention with workshop employees who were confronted with digital violence. Over a period of two years, the app was designed and realized in collaboration with a group of people with disabilities and the LAG WfbM Berlin.

The original poster is in DIN A2 format and is currently available as a free PDF download.

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