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Safer Internet Day 2023 Video Statements

Lisa Paus - Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

"As Federal Minister for Youth, it is important to me that young people in particular are self-determined online. Today, on Safer Internet Day, this is being discussed in many schools, youth organizations and clubs throughout Germany. I would like to thank klicksafe for this important day of action and wish all those involved every success for their Safer Internet Day projects."

→ Video statement by Lisa Paus (mp4 | 200 MB)

Malu Dreyer - Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate

"I think it's right and important that this year's Safer Internet Day asks the question about the conscious and healthy use of digital media and offers answers. From a Digital Detox Box to a knowledge quiz and tips for parents. I think it's wonderful that people are joining forces on Safer Internet Day with events all over Europe, including here in Mainz, to explore digital health."

→ Video statement by Malu Dreyer (mp4 | 225 MB)

forsa survey on Safer Internet Day 2023

On behalf of the EU initiative klicksafe, 500 German-speaking parents and their children between the ages of 10 and 17 were surveyed on the topic of "#OnlineAmLimit. your net. your life. your limits." surveyed. You can find the key results of the survey here.

→ To the results of the forsa survey

Safer Internet Day 2023 Materials

For educational practice: Digital Detox Box

With the Digital Detox Box, young people learn to reflect on their media use and to use digital devices more consciously. The box contains 16 methods from klicksafe and Handysektor. The methods are designed for use in educational practice. You can download the Digital Detox Box now and order a print version from mid-January.

→ To the Digital Detox Box

Parent Flyer: "Between Apps and Dinner"

Social media, games, online shopping: digital media are a natural part of everyday life. But the daily online time can quickly get out of hand and lead to addictive behavior or stress. The flyer "Between apps and dinner" gives parents simple tips for more understanding and awareness of media use. And for more serenity in everyday digital family life. With lots of ideas to try out!

→ To the flyer

Video series: #OnlineAmLimit - Your network. Your life. Your limits.

Social media, games and online shopping: digital media are a natural part of our everyday lives, but they can also cause stress or addictive behavior. The video series is divided into two longer videos with concrete tips for more digital balance and four short videos that take a tongue-in-cheek look at the influence digital media have on our interactions.

→ To the video series

Youth Talk #OnlineAmLimit

Check messages in WhatsApp. Watch the latest videos on TikTok. Gamble online with friends. - Are young people #OnlineAmLimit? What stresses them out in their daily digital lives? Do they keep track of their screen time? And how do they find a digital balance? We asked young people from the klicksafe Youth Panel about Safer Internet Day 2023.

Download → Youth Talk (mp4 | 63 MB)

Quiz: Digital dependency

To coincide with the Digital Detox Box, klicksafe is publishing a new quiz. With it, young people can test how well they know about digital addiction and digital well-being. In recent years, many new terms have developed to describe our extensive media use. FOMO, smombie and co. - which of these really exist and which have we made up?

→ To the quiz

Podcast: Do we have a problem with media addiction?

"You're an addict!" - is an accusation that some children and young people have probably been confronted with when it comes to their media use. And indeed, computer game addiction is now recognized as a disease. We discussed with Torsten Krause from the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk e.V. why it is important to take a differentiated view of the term "media addiction" that is geared to children's lifeworlds.

→ To the podcast

Logos, banners and sharepics

klicksafe provides you with logos, banners and sharepics for Safer Internet Day 2023. You may use the graphics for promotion and publicity, e.g. to refer to Safer Internet Day online (on websites, blogs, social networks, etc.) or in print media. A link of the graphic to the central SID info page online or reprint of the URL in print media is desired.

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