Museum für Kommunikation Nürnberg - Digitally Radicalized? Right-wing extremism on the net

hybrid panel discussion

Tuesday, 14th of February 2023
19:00 - 20:30

Lessingstraße 6
90443 Nuremberg

Target Group(s)

Experts / professional audience
Journalists / Media

Communication via the Internet has changed how right-wing extremists network with each other, inspire each other and try to recruit followers. Right-wing terrorists even go so far as to broadcast their deeds on the Internet and publish their ideologies online in so-called manifestos. Progress through digitization also promotes the effectiveness of communication of right-wing extremist and right-wing terrorist content, to which an open society must find strong answers.

In the panel discussion, experts on right-wing extremism and communication will address the changing realities of right-wing extremism online and analyze communication structures. They explain which social, political and legal instruments already exist to curb the phenomenon and which aspects will be important for the future.

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