Internet lab for elementary schools 1st - 6th grade


Tuesday, 7th of February 2023
9:30 - 12:00

Leipziger Str. 16
10117 Berlin

Target Group(s)


1st Challenge: How safe is your password? Try out how quickly it can be cracked.
2nd Challenge: Private or public?
2A. Challenge: We'll take a picture with you! You will surely look mega super cool. You can also dress up and get even more out of yourself. Who should see the photo? Only your friends or the whole world?
2B. Challenge: Give us your data for the post on the internet! Then everyone can contact you and congratulate you on how cool you look. Or is it stupid if everyone knows where you live?
3rd Challenge: Love You! How friendly can you be on the Internet? The trolls and meanies on the Internet are getting nastier and nastier. How can you beam them away? Maybe the secret is to turn them into little stars with nice emojis? Or what is your tip?
4th Challenge: What's the fastest way? Find the right answer and you'll get a little gift. Curious??? You and your friends will be a real winning team and solve the tricky question.

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