State Office for School and Education - Live webinar "Cyberbullying, Sexting & Co. - legal aspects".

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Tuesday, 31st of January 2023
19:00 - 20:30

02625 Bautzen

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Cyberbullying is a very specific topic that requires special knowledge today because of the impact it has on victims. This involves the use of apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, which are actually only allowed to be used from 16/18. However, these are also used by elementary school children without parents having insight into what is happening there. Great harm can be done to others. Children can also become victims of cybergrooming when adults contact them via these apps or games. Real-life meetings occur, which parents have no idea about. In addition, teachers become targets of cyberbullying by being photographed in video conferences and more.

In the free event for parents, Ms. Stückmann will give a presentation on "Law on the Internet - Cyberbullying, Sexting & Co.".

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Information about the person: Since 2007, Ms. Stückmann, attorney at law, has been dealing with the topic "Children & Internet or cell phone use" after a mandate she handled in which children were affected by cyberbullying.

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