Do something with media


Monday, 6th of February 2023
9:30 - 15:30

Ernst-Abbe-Strasse 9
25337 Elmshorn

Media are a natural part of young people's lives.

Using media is easy!

In this one-day workshop, many concrete and fixed possibilities of
media design for children and youth work will be tried out in practice.
With affordable or existing technology, with "new" media, apps and also conventional audio or video technology.

The goal of the workshop is to get a taste of many of the media applications that can be easily used in educational work, in order to be able to make a decision for oneself as to which applications can be used sensibly in the future. All presented media can be borrowed afterwards at the Open Channel SH for the work on site.

With it are
- Greenscreen App GreenScreen by DoInk
- Oculus Quest 2 with 360 degrees Rundgang
- 3D Vista
- special cameras (360 degrees, 3D Endoskopkamera)
- Sphero
- Schoko3D printer
- Space team
- Plotter and transfer press
- Creative Gaming (Bloxels, draw your game)
- iMovie (video trailers and music videos made easy)
- Animating with ComicLife and StopMotionStudio (StopMotion movies, photo stories)
- Podcast (with simple recording techniques)
- Augmented Reality and location-based experiences)

This event takes place in cooperation of school social work and Kreisjugendpflege Pinneberg.

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