Media Parents Evening 2023

Parents' evening

Wednesday, 1st of February 2023

N 1, 1 (central library in the town house N 1)
68161 Mannheim

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Mannheim City Library will again be holding a "Media Parents' Evening" next year on the topic of "Digital lifeworlds - opportunities and risks". The evening event will take place on Wednesday, February 01, at 6:30 p.m. in the Central Library of the Mannheim City Library, Stadthaus N 1 on the second floor. Parents, Pädagog*innen as well as all interested ones can inform and be advised by different Medienexpert*innen over medium education and - use.

The theme bazaar can be visited as early as 6:30 pm. Numerous media experts from the region will be on hand to offer advice on various aspects of media education. Also present are:

- Fachstelle Medienbildung der Stadt Mannheim
- - EU-Initiative für mehr Sicherheit im Netz
- Klimaschutzagentur Mannheim
- Media + Emotion Lab
- Referat Prävention des Polizeipräsidiums Mannheim
- pro familia Mannheim e. V.
- Mannheim City Library
- Mannheim City Media Center
- Addiction Counseling Center run by Caritasverband Mannheim e.V. and Diakonisches Werk Mannheim as well as the Addiction Prevention Department of the Youth Welfare Office and Health Department of the City of Mannheim

After a video greeting by the mayor of education, Dirk Grunert, Dr. Meike Uhrig will give the first impulse lecture "My child and the cell phone - but safely" at about 7 pm. Gambling, watching videos and chatting with friends - anytime, anywhere? The cell phone makes it possible. But when does a lot become too much? Are there fixed rules and limits? And how can I protect my child from the dangers of the digital world? The keynote lecture gives an overview of the current media worlds of children and young people, identifies potential problems and provides tips to support educators, parents and their children.

Dr. Meike Uhrig is a media scientist with a focus on media emotion research. She worked for the universities of Tübingen, Mainz and Stanford, USA and wrote books and articles for publishers worldwide. In 2020 she founded the "Media + Emotion Lab", which she leads as managing director. Here she gives parent evenings, advanced training and media literacy courses for children and young people and works together with the Landesmedienzentrum Baden-Württemberg and the Hopp Foundation, among others.

At around 8 p.m., Ms. Caroline Golly from the Mannheim Climate Protection Agency will give the lecture "More than just imparting knowledge - The educational offering of the Mannheim Climate Protection Agency." What began in 2012 with an energy project for schoolchildren is now a broad offering for all age groups. From elementary school to adult education, the Climate Protection Agency offers interactive workshops on climate and sustainable living. The most important principle here is to talk less about the problems and more about solutions and ways to take action. What exactly this means and why this principle of education for sustainable development (ESD) is so important is explained by Ms. Golly in her short lecture. Between and after the lectures, you can exchange ideas with the media experts at the theme bazaar.

At the "Pädagogen-Info-Point", certificates of attendance for pedagogical professionals will be issued upon request. A large selection of library media and free information materials on the topic of "media literacy" round out the evening's offerings.

The event ends around 9 p.m., and admission is free.

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