Herford City Library - "10 minutes to go - but then it's over!"

Parents' evening

Thursday, 9th of February 2023
18:30 - 20:00

Linnenbauerstraße 6
32052 Herford

Adolescents' media use: Know-how and tips
For parents of kids and teens in 5th through 10th grades.

with: Uwe Holdmann, Addiction Prevention Office - Diakonisches Werk Herford

Online learning, meeting friends via video, playing FIFA instead of soccer practice - since the start of the pandemic, young people have been spending a lot more time in front of the screen. Many parents wonder how much media consumption is good for their children. Uwe Holdmann's parents' evening will help. The following questions will be addressed: What should parents pay attention to when selecting media content, when is intervention necessary, and what are valuable tips for "too much flickering in the youth room"? Questions welcome!

Further information: https://bibliothek.herford.de/veranstaltung/noch-10-minuten-dann-ist-aber-schluss-die-mediennutzung-von-jugendlichen-know-how-und-tipps/ and https://bibliothek.herford.de/