Medienpädagogisches Zentrum Vogtlandkreis & Landratsamt Vogtlandkreis & Landesamt für Schule und Bildung - #OnlineAmLimit - dein Netz. dein Leben. deine Grenzen.

Online action

Tuesday, 7th of February 2023

Dr.-Friedrichs-Str. 37
08606 Oelsnitz /Vogtland

How healthy is our digital everyday life and what skills do we need to use digital media consciously and in a balanced way?
An offer for students as multipliers of grade 8 and 9 of high schools and grammar schools as well as grade 9 of special schools of the Vogtlandkreis, as well as teachers together with their classes, grade 8 and 9 of high schools and grammar schools as well as grade 9 of special schools of the Vogtlandkreis via livestream.

Topics of the action day

-Opportunities and risks of digital media
Prof. Dr. Gudrun Zimmermann * IB University of Applied Sciences Berlin

> Digital learning and digital health are formative demands of society. They are right and important and carry many chances for the development of learning achievements. However, normal everyday use of media and digital learning also carries risks.
On Safer Internet Day 2023, a theoretical and a practical input will demonstrate the complex interaction between neuroscientific, psychological and social knowledge, including many practical reflections.
Students and teachers will be theoretically introduced to the "wonder brain" and the learning context brain. Psychological aspects such as self-image, self-control, self-efficacy and
barrier management in dealing with digital media are made transparent. Last but not least, socially significant activities play an important role in developing learning performance.

-Fact or Fake
Kevin Meinel/ Media Educator * Initiative Medienbildung Vogtland * edmedien gGmbH

> Image manipulations, texts taken out of context, false claims or deepfakes - every day we are confronted with disinformation on the net and thus our credibility in politics and media is affected. The focus is on various alternative media and the methods with which misinformation is deliberately spread. The goal is for participants to understand the mechanisms of manipulation through the workshop and thus be better able to recognize fake news and distinguish it from serious news in the future.

-Moving Safely on the Net
Arleen Becker * Consumer Advice Center Saxony/BS Zwickau

> Visit exciting fantasy worlds, solve tricky tasks, defeat evil monsters, chat with friends without limits or shoot a funny video? In the world of apps, there are almost endless ways to pass the time. But even if it sometimes seems that way, nothing is free here either. How app providers earn money, where the hidden costs lurk, who else has an interest in the users, and how to navigate safely in this world, is what the Verbraucherzentrale Sachsen e.V. teaches.

-Artificial intelligence
Mirko Schiller * Teacher / State subject advisor for computer science in high schools

> Taking pictures, researching, translating - all things that are part of everyday life. However, they are also all things that work with artificial intelligence (AI). And so many experts agree that the era of AI is just getting started. Where does it bring advantages? Where does it bring disadvantages? While many are of the opinion that artificial intelligence is as simple as switching on a light, other experts take a more critical view and warn against underestimating it, as in the case of nuclear technology. What is the truth now?

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