Safer Internet Day Parent Child - Action Day

Parent Child - Action Day

Monday, 13th of February 2023
15:00 - 19:00

Berlin Str. 77
51063 Cologne

As part of the project: "Digital media as a place of learning for families with migration and refugee experience", we at InterKultur e.V. would like to remind ourselves on Safer Internet Day how present and important digital media are, they take up space in our work, on the couch at home and also with our children in everyday life. But when are we #OnlineamLimit? Together with parents and children we would like to use the action day on 13.02.23 to go on a self-discovery tour around the questions:

- How often am I on the Internet?
- What does the Internet know about me?
- How can I use digital devices more consciously?
- Methods & Games for dealing with digital media

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