"Stress-Free(er) on the Road in Social Media."

Online action

Tuesday, 7th of February 2023
17:00 - 19:00

02625 Bautzen

Stress-free(er) on the road in (social) media -.

Tips for more digital well-being and self-determined media use.

Target group: Educators (secondary schools: OS, GYM)

Social media have become an important part of our modern society and offer diverse potentials for shaping our communication across the globe. But social media can also be very exhausting and cause stress. There are numerous factors that can trigger stress when using Instagram, WhatsApp and the like: constant accessibility, information overload and the constant comparison with others are just a few examples. The good news, however, is that we literally "have it in our own hands" whether, when and for how long we want to use our smartphone to immerse ourselves in the world of social media.

If you too would like to be more relaxed online in the future, then this media education event is guaranteed to be something for you. Not only will you gain exciting insights into the psychological effects of social media, but you will also learn how to identify potential stress factors more quickly and take appropriate countermeasures. You will be accompanied by Marie-Therese Stedry, an experienced media educator and systemic coach for children and young people. (In addition, the event also provides a variety of tips and suggestions on how to take up the topic in an educational context and implement it in practice as part of mini-projects, if required and for the appropriate target group.

Further information: https://www.waldspatz-medien.com/