Presentation "DigiTales" material box for daycare centers

Online action

Tuesday, 7th of February 2023
15:00 - 16:00

Fangelsbachstr. 19
70180 Stuttgart

Target Group(s)

Experts / professional audience
Journalists / Media
Pedagogical staff at daycare centers

The target group are pedagogical professionals at daycare centers, language professionals, professional counselors, etc.

The materials box contains method cards for the team to get started on media education at team level, method cards for media education work with parents, and impulse cards for active media work offers with children (4 to 6 years).

The working materials will be presented in this webinar, which will last approximately 45 minutes.

If you are interested in this event on SID 2023, you can register using the contact form at You will also find more information there.

For daycare centers, both the working materials (box) and all other events that may be related to the box (training, parents' evenings) are free of charge. All costs incurred are borne by the aim-Akademie Heilbronn and the Caritasverband für Stuttgart.

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