Web Seminar: Dark Patterns - How Websites and Apps Want to Manipulate Us

Online action

Tuesday, 7th of February 2023
5 pm - 6 pm

Seppel-Glückert-Passage 10
55116 Mainz

Target Group(s)

Young people
Journalists / Media
All consumers

Cookie banners, pop-ups for newsletters, countdowns when shopping online, or registration forms for a new account - on the Internet, we encounter company-friendly default settings and manipulative designs in many places that want to steer us unintentionally in a certain direction. These designs are known as dark patterns. The speaker, Dr. Julia Gerhards from the Rhineland-Palatinate Consumer Center, uses many examples to show where we encounter dark patterns in everyday life and gives tips on how to protect ourselves from them.

The web seminar "Dark Patterns - This is how websites and apps want to manipulate us" will take place on February 7, at 5 p.m. and will last about 60 minutes. Attendance is free and you can register using the registration link provided (link leaves VZ page).

Please note that only one registration is possible per person and e-mail address and the personalized link you receive cannot be shared with others. A computer/laptop with internet access and a speaker are required to participate in the web seminar. Headphones are ideal. Please use Firefox, Edge or Google Chrome as your browser.

More information: https://www.verbraucherzentrale-rlp.de/digitale-welt/webseminar-dark-patterns-so-wollen-websites-und-apps-uns-manipulieren-80415