Adventure trip Internet EduBreakout (scavenger hunt in the classroom)

Workshop (Online)

Monday to Wednesday, 29th to 31st of January 2024

EduBreakout focuses in particular on logical and problem-solving thinking as well as social skills. Communication and teamwork are also encouraged. In the workshop, pupils are given an overview of basic information and opportunities, as well as the dangers of the internet. We specifically address topics such as advertising, influencers and competitions. We also discuss digital games and in-game purchases as well as cybergrooming. Learners are shown what communication channels and opportunities the digital world offers and what content is better not to upload.

Workshop content:
An unknown being from the future has landed on Earth and wants to know how our communication and the internet work. Through a journey full of knowledge about the internet, the being returns home to the future.

Framework conditions:
Target group: 4th grade elementary school
Location: Classroom
Scope: 5 lessons
Technology: Interactive whiteboard or projector
Costs: Free of charge as part of Safer Internet Day 2024

Further information: