Media tutor training - MeT1s

School event (On-site)

Monday to Tuesday, 5th to 6th of February 2024
8:30 - 12:30

Youth Media Center T1

Tannenlohe 1
95685 Falkenberg

The T1 Youth Media Center trains 2 students from each of the 8th grades of all types of schools in the districts of Tirschenreuth, Weiden and Neustadt an der Waldnaab to become media tutors (known as MeT1s). They learn about topics such as internet use and online safety, class chat rules and cyberbullying prevention, which they then pass on to entire year 5 classes using the materials provided. In this way, valuable experience and knowledge from the older pupils' media experience can be passed on to the younger pupils. In terms of content, we make sure that a responsible and constructive approach to these topics is taught. As an incentive for the pupils, the school could offer an entry in the MeT1s report card. At the end of the school year, there is an evaluation and online debriefing of the 3 blocks held. The media educators at T1 are always the contact persons for the media tutors.

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