Cybergrooming, sexual exploitation and pornography on the internet. - How can we protect and empower children and young people?

Parents' evening (Online)

Tuesday, 6th of February 2024
19:00 to 20:30

Target Group(s)

Grandparents, educators, interested parties

Most children and young people have already seen porn on the internet by the time they reach puberty and the older they get, the more they are exposed to pornographic content. Many sexualized images can unsettle and overwhelm adolescents, especially if they are left alone with them. The first confrontation with pornographic content often happens unintentionally and involuntarily, e.g. by being sent pornographic videos in chats or because they are posted on streaming portals. It is not uncommon for them to be asked to perform sexual acts in chats (by older young people or adults). What's more, young people also look for information online anonymously to satisfy their curiosity about sexuality. Here, too, they unintentionally come across problematic pornographic content. This raises the question of what happens to young people when they are confronted with pornography at an early age. What can we offer them to help them deal with this content? Should parents and educational professionals prohibit contact with pornography, warn against it, remain silent or simply wait and see? Parents and caregivers should not leave children and young people alone with these disturbing experiences, but should act responsibly. But how can we empower adolescents, how can we have age-appropriate conversations about this hot topic and, above all, how can we protect children and young people from sexual exploitation? We will address all of these questions at the Digital Family Talk, which will take place as part of Safer Internet Day 2024.

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This Digital Family Talk is an offer of the Medienanstalt Hessen and is realized by Blickwechsel e.V. - Verein für Medien- und Kulturpädagogik.
Speaker of the evening: Birgit Kimmel, Dipl. Pädagogin, is Head of Department 1 Training and Teaching Development at the Rhineland-Palatinate State Pedagogical Institute. Until October 2023, she was head of the EU initiative klicksafe, the national awareness center for Germany, and head of the media literacy team at the RLP media authority.

Our "digital family talk" is an online information evening for parents, educators and interested parties on current media topics.

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