Cyberbullying, the right to one's own image, cybergrooming - explained using real-life cases

Workshop (Online)

Tuesday to Sunday, 6th to 11th of February 2024

Since 2007, Ms. Stückmann has been working on the topic of "Children & Internet and cell phone use" following a case she handled in which children were affected by cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a very specific topic that requires special knowledge today due to the impact it has on the victims. It involves the use of apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram, which are actually only allowed to be used from the age of 16/18. However, these are also used by primary school children without parents having any insight into what is happening there. Great harm can be done to others. However, children can also become victims of cybergrooming when adults contact them via these apps or games. Real-life encounters occur, which parents are unaware of. Teachers also become the target of cyberbullying by being photographed in video conferences and much more.

In her 90-minute presentations for parents, Ms. Stückmann sheds light on the topic of "Children & new media" under the keywords "cyberbullying", "sexting", "right to one's own image" and "cybergrooming" and explains the legal consequences using numerous cases from her own law firm.

Webinars for parents:
- Children & New media
- Cyberbullying
- Sexting
- Right to one's own image
- Cybergrooming

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