Cyberbullying, sexting, grooming - current challenges for teachers

Further training (Online)

Wednesday, 13th of March 2024
15:30 - 17:00

Digital communication plays an important role in the everyday lives of young people - at the latest when they own their own smartphone. Digital media offer many opportunities and potential for creative activities, but also harbor risks and dangers: When cyberbullying cases emerge in one's own class or the sending of pornographic images in class chat causes outcry, teachers can quite suddenly be confronted with a situation that requires level-headed and swift action. The question inevitably arises: Did it have to come to this, couldn't something have been done beforehand?

In this training course, teachers from Hesse will learn about the current challenges they may be confronted with in the area of youth media protection in the classroom. Various phenomena are presented, possibilities for prevention are shown, intervention methods are discussed and an overview of the legal basis is given.

As part of the training, interested teachers from Hesse will be given an introduction to a challenging subject area. Media education materials from the "School of Hearing and Seeing", in particular the material package "Hello Web - Smart Internet Use as a Teaching Topic", will also be presented for further engagement with the topic of youth media protection.

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