Digital - child-friendly - safe?! - Online parents' evening on media literacy at primary school age

Workshop (Online)

Monday, 5th of February 2024

Online training on MEDIA COMPETENCE for primary school teachers and school social workers on the occasion of the worldwide Safer Internet Day (SID).

Digital media are very present in children's everyday lives these days. They are usually tech-savvy, but they need to learn how to use devices and programs in order to take advantage of opportunities and minimize risks. To do this, they need our help and support. This is a challenge for many parents.

We would therefore like to give you specific suggestions for media education in the family.

Contents / main topics:
- Age and time recommendations for media use
- When to get your first smartphone
- Technical protection options for digital devices
- Child-friendly entertainment on TV, streaming services & YouTube
- Age-appropriate digital games
- Data protection & Privacy in social media
- Suitable search engines & Digital learning aids
- Support & Help with media education
- Conclusion: open Q&A session

Further information: