Digital competence in the family: discussing taboos in the family: pornography and sexualized content on the internet and social media

Online information event (Online)

Tuesday, 6th of February 2024
6.00 pm - approx. 8.00 pm

Target Group(s)

Educational professionals and people interested in the topic

An online information event organized by the elan cooperation network Mittelhessen with the state education authorities
- Bad Vilbel
- Marburg-Biedenkopf
- Gießen-Vogelsbergkreis
- Limburg-Weilburg
and the cooperation partners
- Volkshochschule des Landkreises Gießen
- Netzwerk gegen Gewalt, regionale Geschäftsstelle Mittelhessen

The event aims to teach parents both technical and informal principles and to point out the difference between pornography and sexuality.
- How can protection from problematic content be guaranteed?
- How can children be prevented from being put in danger by strangers?
- Where can you go in an emergency?
- What can be done in the event of incidents in a school and private context?

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