On the trail of fake news

Workshop (Online)

Tuesday, 6th of February 2024
2-4 p.m.


Target Group(s)

Managers, specialists and teachers from secondary schools, as well as from extracurricular educational and cultural institutions


Registration possible until: 05.02.2024, 23:59 Uhr: https://app.guestoo.de/public/event/5f9bb3ad-599b-4591-b2f7-ea412543a94d

In a world where disinformation, fake news and filter bubbles are among the challenges of social networks, it is crucial to understand how algorithms influence our perception of information on the internet.
Learn what fake news is, how it spreads and what measures can be taken to better recognize it. The training course not only provides you with theoretical background knowledge on fake news, but also sheds light on the role of algorithms on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter etc. and the phenomenon of "deep fakes". Practical teaching ideas and materials are presented in order to implement the knowledge gained directly in the classroom. Using current examples, teachers are given tools to expose dubious content and promote their students' news literacy.
This practice-oriented seminar provides you with the basics for dealing critically with information and news. Prepare yourself for the challenges of the digital world and strengthen your pupils' media skills.

Further information: https://medienzentrum-aachen.de/#veranstaltungen