Fit & fair by design - Does European consumer protection need an update?

Meeting / Conference (On-site)

Tuesday, 6th of February 2024

Hotel Aquino Berlin

Hannoversche Str. 5B
10115 Berlin

In order to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization, it is important to use technical possibilities in a targeted manner, counteract risks and thus further strengthen consumer confidence in the digital space. A look at practice shows the need for action with regard to the rapid development speed of complex digital business models and disruptive technological possibilities such as artificial intelligence. As digitalization progresses, it is therefore crucial to review consumer law to determine whether it ensures fair conditions on the market and whether technologies can be better integrated to protect consumers. Against this backdrop, the EU Commission has launched a consultation for a digital fairness fitness check. This digital fairness fitness check will be the focus of the Safer Internet Day 2024 conference.

The event will focus on the following questions and solution concepts:

  • What does digital fairness mean? What action is needed? Which technologies can support digital fairness?
  • What is the European Commission's Digital Fairness Fitness Check initiative about? What are the different interests involved and what is the Commission focusing on?
  • Fairness by design: What constitutes fair design? What conditions need to be created for this?
  • How is consumer law enforced in the digital space?

The event will be opened by Steffi Lemke, Federal Minister for the Environment and Consumer Protection, and Dr. Ralf Wintergerst, President of Bitkom e.V.

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