School event (On-site)

Wednesday to Thursday, 7th to 8th of February 2024
Mornings and evenings


Küster-Meyer-Platz 2
32756 Detmold

Target Group(s)


To mark International Safer Internet Day 2024, the Grabbe-Safer-Internet-Day will take place at Christian-Dietrich-Grabbe-Gymnasium on February 7 and 8. The Christian-Dietrich-Grabbe-Gymnasium has been pursuing the goal of supporting children and young people in particular in the self-determined and responsible use of digital media for many years with its campaigns in grades 5 and 6.

On Grabbe-Safer Internet Day, pupils take part in various workshops on the internet, smartphones, social networks and cyberbullying. While the focus in Year 5 is on internet research and secure passwords, Year 6 focuses on how to deal with influencers, apps, online games and much more. All workshops will be conducted or accompanied by computer science students from the upper school. Media educator Sabine Schattenfroh and Arnd Begemann, a government official from the Detmold district police authority, will help organize the event in Year 6. This event is financially supported by the Grabbe-Gymnasium's Friends' Association.
In addition, we are offering a parents' evening on 07.02.2024 for parents and guardians of students in grades 5-7, as well as the teaching staff, where adults can receive various information on the safe use of digital devices by their children from Ms. Schattenfroh and Mr. Begemann and ask open questions.

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