Behind the numbers: A look at porn addiction and its effects

Action on the Internet (Online)

Tuesday to Wednesday, 6th to 7th of February 2024

Target Group(s)

Journalists / Media

To mark Safer Internet Day, we have prepared an important video for you on the topic of "porn addiction". In this informative article, you will learn general facts, symptoms and offers of help in connection with this serious challenge.

📊🔍 Contents of the video:
1. Facts and figures: We shed light on the current situation surrounding porn addiction, including the number of people affected in Germany, based on statistics and scientific findings. We also discuss the fact that this problem mainly affects men and is now recognized as an official disease.
2. symptoms of pornography addiction: We take an in-depth look at the symptoms of this disorder. These include craving (the intense desire), loss of control, and other aspects that may indicate problematic use of pornography. Our aim is to convey an understanding of the many facets of this addiction.
3. offers of help and support: We provide information about the various offers of help available to those affected.

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