Instagram campaign against digital sexualized violence: The women's helplines in RLP provide information

Action on the Internet (Online)

Monday to Friday, 5th to 9th of February 2024

Target Group(s)

Young people
Experts / specialist audience
Journalists / media


State working group of autonomous women's helplines RLP

To mark SAFER INTERNET DAY, the women's helplines in Rhineland-Palatinate are running a week-long Instagram campaign to provide information about digital sexualized violence. Every day there will be a post on a different topic: Digital sexualized violence, pornography and violence, sexting and image-based violence, sextortion and deepfakes, digital and analogue violence

The campaign can be followed on the following Instagram accounts: @gegensexualisiertegewalt_kl, @frauennotrufkoblenz, @frauennotrufmainz, @aradia.landau, @frauennotrufspeyer, @warbede_frauennotrufe, @frauen_gegen_gewalt_westerburg