JUUUPORT educates young people about forms of sexual harassment on the internet

Offline action (On-site)

Monday, 5th of February 2024
4 p.m.


Bahnhofstrasse 8
30159 Hanover

Target Group(s)

Young people
Journalists / media



On Monday, February 5, the day before Safer Internet Day, JUUUPORT, an advice and education platform for young people with problems on the Internet, is holding an event in Hanover's city center (Ernst-August-Platz) at 4 pm. The JUUUPORT team will be handing out balloons with sex emojis to passers-by. The peer-to-peer project aims to educate young people about sexual violence on the internet. The campaign is supported by the Lower Saxony State Media Authority (NLM), which is the initiator and sponsor of the peer-to-peer project.
Emojis are often used in chats that seem harmless at first glance: Vegetables and fruit such as eggplant, cherry, banana and peach. However, they symbolize male and female genitals or sexual acts. The balloons that the JUUUPORT team will be handing out symbolize the sending of nude pictures, the unwanted receipt of dickpics and sexually harassing comments.
Attached to the balloons are cards with typical requests for advice on sexual violence online that JUUUPORT receives from young people every day. On the back, a QR code leads to a guide that informs young people about various forms of sexual harassment on the internet. There they will also find a link to JUUUPORT's online advice service and the corresponding reporting options.
The aim of the campaign is to draw attention to the topic of sexual violence online, to educate young people about it, to talk to them and to draw their attention to the help offered by JUUUPORT.
Prof. Krebs, Director of the Lower Saxony State Media Authority (NLM), will also be attending the event to emphasize the importance of the topic for the protection of minors in the media, also on the part of the state media authorities.

Further information: https://www.juuuport.de and https://www.juuuport.de/infos/ratgeber/sexuelle-belaestigung