Child-friendly use of digital media - parents as pioneers in media education from an early age

Parents' evening (On-site)

Tuesday, 6th of February 2024

Hamburg Adult Education Center

Schanzenstrasse 75
20357 Hamburg

Target Group(s)


Media use starts at an early age - a short radio play, looking at photos on the smartphone or a few clips on YouTube. Children often can't get enough of media. Media time quickly piles up. There are arguments in families. Media education is needed - right from the start! What rules help to avoid stress? What is a "good" amount of media time? Which media offerings are suitable for children? Together we will share our experiences and talk about the most important tips for media education for children aged 0-12.

Speaker: Nina Soppa, Blickwechsel e.V. - Hamburg location
A cooperation project between the Hamburg Adult Education Center and Blickwechsel e.V.

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