Let's talk about... taboos! The influence of porn, sexting and co. on young people in a supposedly enlightened world

Workshop (Online)

Tuesday, 6th of February 2024
14:00 to 16:00

Target Group(s)

Experts / specialist audience
Educational professionals working with children and young people

Protecting children and young people from sexual violence and educating them about pornography, sexting and similar topics in an age-appropriate way is of great importance in today's digital world. Many young people come into contact with pornographic content at an early age, whether unintentionally or out of curiosity. In 2023, the NRW Media Authority found that between the ages of 11 and 17, one in three people had already seen porn, and one in five had even sexted it themselves.

This not only harbors the risk of digital boundary violations, fuels fears of negative consequences for children and young people, but can also be part of their own sexual development and self-determination. Together in a safe space, we want to discuss openly and free of values how children and young people can be supported by parents and educational professionals, but also take a critical and legal look at the questions: What influences does porn have on the development of children and young people? How does safer sexting work? What to do if nude images are distributed unintentionally? What specific educational recommendations and tips can we use as a guide?

Registration by email to erika.bartsch@mitmedien.net

The event will take place online via Webex. You will receive the link by email after registration.

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