One foot in the criminal record? - The discrepancy between the reality of life and the criminal law

Workshop (Online)

Wednesday, 7th of February 2024
2 - 4 p.m. | Online

For young people, the digital space is an important part of free, individual sexual development. Sexting and sending erotic photos via Messenger are exciting and initially not forbidden.

At the same time, the number of cases of sexualized violence online is on the rise. The digital space and the needs of young people in their developmental phase offer gateways for cybergrooming, for example. The non-consensual forwarding of intimate images or videos also offers potential for conflict, as does the unconscious dissemination of (child) pornographic material in group chats.

In order to protect adolescents, legislators are responding to some of these phenomena with appropriate provisions. The most recent amendment to the German Criminal Code makes young people liable to prosecution if they possess certain materials.

Which laws protect young people in their digital activities? What are the legislator's intentions when enacting such laws? Are the provisions compatible with the reality of life? How can we classify them pedagogically?

The focus event by Stark im Netz in cooperation with media lawyer Eleni Kalaitzi provides an overview of the current legal situation with regard to sexualized violence online. In addition, we offer the space to reflect on your own experiences and thoughts on the subject and to discuss them together.

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