OnlyFans - "Who are you following?"

Discussion evening (On-site)

Tuesday, 6th of February 2024
6 p.m.

A store

Breiter Weg 30
39104 Magdeburg

Target Group(s)

Young people
Experts / specialist audience
Journalists / media

OnlyFans is conquering the web - but how exactly does this platform work? Who is behind the company and how is the revenue from OnlyFans subscriptions distributed? What about the legal side of this platform and who are the main users? What special considerations should you bear in mind when you are active on OnlyFans and similar platforms? What are the legal issues involved?
We will discuss these questions with Julian Miethig as part of a joint event organized by CSD Magdeburg e.V. and the Landeszentrale für politische Bildung on the occasion of Safer Internet Day on 06.02.2024.
Julian Miethig has been active on various social media platforms since his youth. He founded the LGBTIQ* media format "Queer4mat" on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, where it enjoys great popularity. In addition to his numerous reports from CSD events throughout Germany, his entertaining interviews with participants of events such as "Charming Boys" and "Prince Charming" are particularly noteworthy.

Julian reports on the sexualized content on Twitter and its marketing via platforms such as OnlyFans or Dropbox Sharing. Thanks to his familiarity with the diverse world of dating apps, he can report on potential dangers from a user's perspective.

On this day, we cordially invite you to come and talk to us in a safe space. We will answer your questions and, above all, provide insights into what can happen to your pictures, videos and data in the background when you use platforms like OnlyFans.

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