Project day against cyberbullying and digital violence

Hybrid event for school classes (On-site & online)

Tuesday, 6th of February 2024
10 - 12 o'clock

THE LOFT powered by SAMSUNG|O2

Schadowplatz 13
40212 Düsseldorf

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Telefónica Germany

Cyberbullying is widespread among children and young people. According to the latest JIM study from 2023, a good half of respondents have come into contact with offensive comments in the last month alone. Cyberbullying is also frequently associated with the misuse of images and video material. Images and videos are often sent or posted online carelessly and can easily be manipulated, falsified or distributed without the consent of those affected.

At the hybrid event organized by the WAKE UP! initiative on Safer Internet Day, young people from the 9th grade onwards learn how to protect themselves from digital violence and deal with online risks with confidence.

On the project day, the participating school classes will explore the topic of cyberbullying and digital violence in depth together with experts. In the workshop, pupils will gain an insight into the different roles of cyberbullying and learn about the abusive use of images and videos online. They will also be shown where and how those affected by cyberbullying can seek professional support.

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