Public podcast "Pornography & Media literacy" with Madita Oeming

Podcast (On-site)

Wednesday, 7th of February 2024
6:30 pm

InnoPier Kiel

Martensdamm 6
24103 Keel

Target Group(s)

Experts / specialist audience
Journalists / media

Almost every adult has watched porn at some point. However, pornography is also part of the reality of young people's lives. This is why those working in youth welfare and media education are called upon to examine their own attitudes to pornography. For Safer Internet Day 2024, the Media Competence Network invited Madita Oeming to a public podcast on pornography from a media education perspective. The nationally renowned author and porn activist Madita Oeming calls for porn literacy and offers a porn driver's license. On the podcast stage and in a relaxed discussion afterwards, the focus will be on myths, fears and shame, but also on opportunities for a lifeworld-oriented media education that does not exclude the topic of pornography.

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