Safer Internet Weeks 2024 at MBG Dierdorf

School event (On-site & online)

Tuesday to Wednesday, 23rd of January to 7th of February 2024

Gymnasialstraße 10
56269 Dierdorf

Target Group(s)


Media consultant and digital trainer Frank J. Bündgen will hold workshops for all 5th graders at our school on 23.01.2024 on the topic "Safe on the Internet: Be smarter than your smartphone!". In the evening, all parents and teachers will have the opportunity to attend a parents' evening on the topic: "Digital insight: Smartphone survival tips for parents". Further information on digital training:

On 24.01.2024, the Mecodia Academy will hold lectures on "Media ethics" for all 7th graders. The Mecodia Academy is also offering an online parents' evening on 24.01.24 for interested parents, guardians and teachers. (

TV presenter and journalist Daniel Schüler, a former pupil at our school, will give our sixth form students an insight into the world of (TV) journalism and give a talk on the topic of fake news.

The Mecodia Academy offers are financed by Sparkasse Neuwied. The remaining costs are covered by our internal school support association.

Contact person: Ronja Colloseus,

Further information: