SchoolCrime - When the smartphone becomes a weapon

Podcast (Online)

Monday to Sunday, 29th of January to 11th of February 2024

Target Group(s)

Experts / specialist audience
Journalists / media

"Swastikas and violent videos: What children post" was recently broadcast by NDR, "More and more pupils are spreading child pornography" was the headline in the Stuttgarter Nachrichten. What is just a headline for some is part of everyday life for many teachers. Illegal content and activities are increasingly becoming part of everyday school life.

In the podcast "SchoolCrime - When the smartphone becomes a weapon", media educator Saskia Nakari talks to experts from social work and law enforcement about cybergrooming, right-wing radicalism, pornography, sextortion, violent videos and much more...

About everything that teachers, parents and social workers are often still somewhat helpless in the face of and ask themselves: what to do? This is exactly where the podcast comes in. Using specific cases from everyday school life, it explores the motives of the perpetrators, describes the situation of those affected and, above all, gives educational staff tips on how to deal with the situation in question.

The podcast is supplemented by pedagogical handouts that provide very practical tips for both everyday life and emergencies.

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