SexBlitz goes Safer Internet Day: Pornography and the educational protection of minors

Workshop (Online)

Tuesday, 6th of February 2024

Getting hold of pornographic material is no longer a problem for young people, regardless of age. Boys in particular take advantage of this opportunity. The vast majority consume pornography, either deliberately and consciously or by showing clips around to friends. The majority of girls* also come into contact with pornography

But how does this affect the sociosexual development of boys* and girls*? Does pornography change sexual behavior and the relationship between the sexes? How can the topic be addressed pedagogically and how can it be discussed with young people? When and how is the protection of minors required?

- Findings from current studies on pornography consumption by young people
- Taking stock with current examples: what exactly children and young people see online
- Experiences from everyday sex education: how porn creates pressure and insecurity
- Educational approaches to working with young people on the topic of pornography
- Pornography and the law: what professionals and young people should know

We offer our event series "SexBlitz" via "Zoom".

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