Dealing with digital media at primary school age

Parents' evening (Online)

Tuesday, 6th of February 2024
20:00 - 21:30

District of Leipzig


Target Group(s)



Adult education center/ health department district of Leipzig

Children are actually already fit when it comes to screen applications, apps and the like at primary school age and even more so as teenagers: they can operate the technology, they know their way around digital applications and services - and they have desires: for their own tablet, smartphone or social media profiles.
Parents are amazed by these developments, skills and needs, are open-minded, unsure or resigned. The spectrum of parental reactions is as broad as the associated educational reactions are diverse. Their own usage behavior and the role model role of their caregivers also play an important role.
These and similar everyday scenarios and questions are the starting point for input and discussion in this parents' evening.

Focus of the content:
- When is my child old enough for a cell phone?
- At what age should a child be able to access the Internet on a mobile phone?
- How can I make cell phones safer?
- Which apps are popular and what should I look out for in apps?
- How can my child protect their data?
- Can smartphones and tablets also be used creatively?
- Stress in class chat - what to do?