7th Network Conference Media Competence Saxony-Anhalt


Wednesday to Thursday, 6th to 7th of December 2023

German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina e. V.

Hunter's mountain 1
06108 Halle (Saale)

Target Group(s)

Pedagogical professionals, actors from politics and economy, interested public

The seventh network conference on media literacy in Saxony-Anhalt will bring together stakeholders from science, education, business, politics, media and society over two days. The common goal will be to further promote successful media education in different contexts in the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

To this end, a retrospective analysis will be made of the key developments that have taken place in Saxony-Anhalt. What has been achieved so far, especially in school media education, is to be determined, and new tasks are to be set. This is not only about implementing digital learning opportunities. The aim is also to raise awareness of risky media behavior among young people. In addition, nationwide structures for prevention are to be made available.

Educational professionals play a key role with regard to digital media. For this reason, their training, further training and continuing education needs in the context of digitization are to be identified. The structuring, networking and further development of existing offers should help to better reach the target group.

All information about the conference is available on the conference website.