Gray is not a color

Play with debriefing

Tuesday, 26th of September 2023
18:00 Presentation and 19:15 Debriefing

Theater beam Ostkreuz

Market street 11
10317 Berlin-Lichtenberg

Target Group(s)

Teenagers from 12 years


Theater beam


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Gray is not a color is a play about bullying. A web of love, betrayal, shame, injury and arrogance leads to dangerous exclusion in the midst of a cheerful vacation mood. Between those responsible for the crime and those affected, parents, vacationers and vacation workers, a dynamic develops from which there is (almost) no escape.

After the play, there will be a follow-up discussion with Stefanie Rack from klicksafe. The discussion will focus on questions such as: How do I support children or young people who are affected by bullying? When and how do I react best when an accusation is made? And how can I encourage young people to intervene in cases of assaultive behavior?

More information is available on this website, and tickets can be purchased online here.