Insights: LGBTIQ+ in the Focus of Islamist Online Propaganda

Online presentation

Tuesday, 29th of November 2022
15:30 till 16:15

Target Group(s)

Professionals in extremism prevention, work against hate on the net, education and youth work, and youth media protection


Registration is possible via Zoom. The number of participants is limited. The event will be recorded.

For some time now, has increasingly observed social media posts in which Islamists express themselves in a derogatory to openly hostile manner towards members of the LGBTIQ+ community. Non-heteronormative identities are portrayed as incompatible with the "true faith" and as an indicator of the reprehensibility of liberal societies. As part of our Insights event on 29.11.2022, would like to provide an insight into how Islamist actors* stage corresponding messages online and which social media platforms they use to spread their ideology.

About the Insights event series

With Insights, provides insights into current trends, developments and findings around hate, incitement and extremist propaganda on the Internet. This is especially true for threats to the good upbringing of children and young people in the online world.

The individual dates are online video events and consist of 20- to 30-minute presentations, followed by an opportunity for questions and discussion.

Insights is aimed at professionals involved in preventing extremism and working against hate online, in education and youth work, and in youth media protection. However, other interested parties such as educators are also cordially invited.