klicksafe web seminar on the topic of algorithms

Web seminar

Tuesday, 4th of July 2023
16:00 till 17:30


Target Group(s)

Pedagogical professionals, parents and all interested parties





The influence of algorithms in the everyday lives of children and young people

Whether Google search results, social media feeds on Instagram and TikTok, or even prices when shopping online - anyone who moves around the web comes into contact almost everywhere with algorithms that determine what content is displayed. In the lives of young people today, algorithms also strongly influence the perception of information on the net. In addition to the numerous advantages and potentials, algorithms are also associated with some challenges. The klicksafe web seminar gives an insight into the influence of algorithms in the digital everyday life of young people and how young users can be empowered in dealing with them.

You can register for the web seminar under this link.