Right-wing extremist rap: from "national chanting" to Nazi rap

Online lecture

Monday, 16th of May 2022
Target Group(s)
Educators, parents

With "Insights", jugendschutz.net's Political Extremism section provides insights into current trends, developments and findings around hate, incitement and extremist propaganda on the Internet. This is especially true when it comes to dangers for children and young people growing up well in the online world. The individual dates are online video events and consist of 20- to 30-minute presentations, followed by an opportunity for questions and discussion.

Right-wing extremist rap: From "national chanting" to NSrap
For decades, classic skinhead rock was the most widespread music in neo-Nazi scenes. Since the 2000s, however, its appeal has declined noticeably, especially for younger people; today, one of the dominant styles is so-called NS rap. We present the development of this music genre and discuss to what extent one can speak of a current right-wing extremist youth culture here.

Registration at:https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcvcuisrD0iH9HF_veYAkN03ED3-qxfA4vJ

Insights is an event organized by jugendschutz.net and is funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth within the framework of the federal program "Democracy Live!" as part of the competence network against hate on the net.