School against Fake News - Media Competence instead of Disinformation


Tuesday, 28th of November 2023
10:30 till 15:30

Museum of Communication

Leipziger street 16
10117 Berlin

Target Group(s)

Pedagogical staff


DigiBitS, DsiN, fragFINN

War in Ukraine, armed uprisings in Israel, climate change - In times of crisis, we all experience uncertainties and irritations, often in line with disinformation, fake news and conspiracy narratives. Children and young people are also confronted and confused with disinformation every day on TikTok or Instagram. 

The symposium is therefore dedicated to the following questions: What can/must politics do so that young people can effectively counter disinformation? What is the contribution of politics and what is the contribution of companies? What is the contribution of media protection for children and young people and what is the contribution of teachers in schools? And what do they need from whom for sustainable media competence promotion and democracy education in schools?

Further information about the conference and the registration form can be found here.

About the initiative "School against Fake News - Media Competence instead of Disinformation".

DigiBitS has launched in the school year 2022/23 the initiative School against Fake News - Media Competence instead of Disinformation together with the partner projects weitklick and Media in Schools of the DsiN member FSM  as well as with fragFINN. In joint workshops, we inspired teachers with practical training, ideas and materials for the classroom. And we sensitized students at their schools on how to deal safely and confidently with conspiracy narratives, fake news and fake AI-generated images.