Sexualized violence online: Not everyone is your friend

Symposium (On-site)

Tuesday, 28th of November 2023
17:00 to 20:00

Protestant parish hall

Königsbergerstr. 28
68623 Lampertheim

Target Group(s)

Educational professionals, parents, police


Bergstrasse District, South Hesse Police Headquarters, Network against Violence (Hesse), Bergstrasse Protestant Deanery, Center for Social Responsibility


To the registration form (event takes place on site in Lampertheim)

Digital media are a central part of young people's lives: WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok and co. determine young people's everyday lives, open up spaces for learning and experience, maintain contact with peers, are a place for sexual development, offer variety, relaxation and fun. However, social media also harbors numerous risks. One of these is sexualized violence.

Young people not only become victims but also commit crimes without knowing it. For example, they save videos on their smartphone that show acts of abuse, or they share intimate photos of others without their consent. Parents and teachers are often unaware of all this.

The symposium will shed light on two areas of the phenomenon: sexting and cybergrooming. The aim is to raise awareness of the dangers, educate people about the risks and consequences and highlight possible courses of action and support. Local contact persons are also appointed.

klicksafe will be represented with a specialist presentation on the topic "Sexting - Sexuality and identity development in the network". In addition, Prof. Dr. Thomas-Gabriel Rüdiger will give a lecture on the topic of "Cybergrooming". Participation is free of charge; you can register until November 10 at this address.

Please note: The symposium will take place on site in Lampertheim and NOT online. Zoom will only be used for registration.

Further information is available from the Bergstrasse District Youth Support and Youth Protection Service on 06252-155949, by e-mail to evdokimos.moisidis⁠☞ Please insert an @ here ☜⁠kreis-bergstrasse⁠☞ Please insert a dot here ☜⁠de or at (PDF download).