Sexualized violence in digital spaces


Wednesday, 9th of October 2024
09:00 to 17:00

Target Group(s)

Educational professionals, parents, interested parties

Supporting children, young people and family systems and networking with other specialist agencies is a constant challenge for child protection. The number of cases of digitalized, sexualized violence is constantly increasing. At the Wildwasser Würzburg e.V. symposium, participants will be given an overview of which forms of violence are involved and what options are available to protect children and young people online. 

The symposium aims to discuss with participants how adolescents experience this form of violence, discuss definitions and provide a multi-professional view and summarize where the individual professionals in the fields of social work, psychotherapy and justice stand. The focus will be on the affected children and young people: What is the reality of their lives online and how can we better protect them from sexualized violence? A specific range of workshops is available to explore individual areas of interest in greater depth. 

klicksafe is represented at the event. In the presentation "Sexual harassment, sextortion, cybergrooming - sexual violence against young people on the internet", participants will be given an overview of the various forms of sexual violence on the internet that are affecting more and more young people today. How can adolescents protect themselves against this and how can educational professionals support them? 

The participation fee is 60 euros (including meals), reduced rate: 40 euros (for students, trainees, recipients of social benefits). Registration and further information can be found on the event flyer.