Smart Family: Artificial intelligence as a new family member.

Webinar (Online)

Wednesday, 6th of March 2024
19:00 to 20:30

Target Group(s)

Parents and interested parties


#Digital role models

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. It is also increasingly being used by families as a useful everyday helper. In this webinar, we want to find out together where "artificial intelligence" is hidden in everyday family life. Where can "AI" be usefully integrated into everyday family life and when should caution be exercised?

"We all encounter artificial intelligence every day. That's why we should learn to better understand how it works and how it influences our decisions," says Prof. Dr. Sandra Schulz from the University of Hamburg. Her research focuses on robotics and AI education, among other things. Together with Torsten Otto, computer science teacher at Kurt-Körber-Gymnasium, they will talk in the webinar about how family life is changing with AI. The evening will be hosted by Nicole Ahles, freelance author at Norddeutscher Rundfunk and trainer.

Participation is free of charge, registration is not required. You can find the link for easy access at the following URL: