Contribution to printing costs

1.  Why does klicksafe involve the purchaser in the printing costs?
Currently, klicksafe offers more than 75 different flyers, brochures, manuals and other print products, which are regularly updated and supplemented by our team. Currently, klicksafe sends out tens of thousands of copies per month on order, with demand steadily increasing. The distribution of our printed materials free of charge exceeds the financial possibilities of our EU initiative in this order of magnitude. In order to be able to continue to meet the high demand for print versions, klicksafe therefore involves purchasers in the printing costs for materials above a certain order volume. Downloading as a PDF version remains free of charge.


2.  Can I continue to receive klicksafe materials free of charge?

As usual, klicksafe will continue to make all materials available completely free of charge on its website as a download in PDF format.


3.  At what point will a printing fee be charged?

Small orders up to a limit of 2.50 EUR (printing and/or shipping costs) remain free of charge for you. A printing cost contribution will only be charged if this order volume is exceeded. In addition, klicksafe provides many materials up to certain quantities without printing cost sharing.  


4.  Why are klicksafe materials with and without printing costs included in the order system?

Of course, klicksafe only shares the costs that we as an initiative actually incur. Since various klicksafe materials are supported by partners, for example, they can be made available through our ordering system at a correspondingly lower price or even free of charge.  

Shipping costs Germany

For an order at klicksafe we charge the following shipping costs according to our effort for packaging and shipping:

  • Shipments from 210 to 499 grams: 3,00 EUR
  • Shipments from 500 to 999 grams: 5,00 EUR
  • Shipments from 1,000 to 2,499 grams: 7.50 EUR
  • Items from 2,500 to 5,999 grams: 10.00 EUR
  • Items from 6,000 to 9999 grams: 15.00 EUR
  • Shipments from 10 kg to 15 kg: 20.00 EUR
  • Shipments from 15 kg to 25 kg: 25,00 EUR
  • Shipments from 25 kg to 50 kg: 40,00 EUR
  • Shipments from 50 kg to 75 kg: 65,00 EUR
  • Shipments from 75 kg to 250 kg: 100,00 EUR
  • over 250 kg: 150,00 EUR

Please note that small orders up to a limit of 2.50 EUR (printing costs + shipping) are generally free of charge.

Shipping costs abroad

klicksafe is happy to send its materials abroad upon request. Please understand that klicksafe has to pass on the shipping costs incurred to the purchaser. Due to the complex price calculation for foreign orders, the corresponding costs are not shown directly in our order system, but will be communicated to you separately via e-mail. Until the time of your confirmation of the shipping charges, your order remains non-binding.